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Quality Control of Steel Products
Supervising course of production of steel bars, billets, tubes, hollow sections, coils and etc... Either constantly or with intervals at the mill point. Checking physical, chemical and mechanical properties of the product to assure its compliance with international standards and specifications of sales contract.

Pre-shipment Inspection Inspecting the consignment, that is to be shipped, at its stowage location prior to shipment.

Supervision of Loading Checking the cargo holds prior to loading, hose testing, supervising loading, quantity determination by scale weighing and or draft survey, tallying, lashing and securing of loaded cargo, hold sealing. Quality determination; visually and/or sampling & analyzing the samples.

Supervision of Discharge Supervising of discharge operation, quantity determination by scale weighing and/or draft survey and tallying. Quality determination; visually and/or sampling & analyzing the samples.

Draft Survey Quantity determination of loaded/discharged cargo by gauging the vessel in its empty and loaded condition.

Supervision of Delivery
Inspecting delivery operation of cargo to be loaded, from stockpile to load port as well as discharged cargo, from port to final destination.
In addition, permanent inspection of the same cargo from its initial stowage location to port of loading and from the port of discharge to its final destination is professionally rendered to the Client.

Sampling Sampling and analyzing the cargo according to international standards at stockpile and/or during loading or discharge.

On-Hire/Off-Hire/Condition Survey/Bunker Survey Inspecting vessel for its fuel oil and diesel oil quantities checking cargo holds' condition prior to and/or after it is chartered.

Container Inspection Inspecting condition(s) of container(s) for safety of cargo.